General Readings on Culture and Family

SAMHSA Treatment Improvement Protocol 59: Improving Cultural Competence.

This is an excellent free download about improving both personal and organizational cultural competence.

Cultural Considerations in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Psychiatric Times, 2010

De Maria, R., Weeks, G. & Hof, L. (Eds) (1999). Culture Genograms. In Focused Genograms, Intergenerational Assessment of Individuals, Couples, and Families. Taylor & Frances.

California Health Advocates. (2007) Are you Practicing Cultural Humility? – The Key to Success in Cultural Competence. Medicare: Policy, Advocacy and Education.

Society for the Study of Psychiatry and Culture. A very interesting organization. Steve Wolin, a member of AFP, is president. Here’s their latest newsletter:

They also have an excellent RESOURCE PAGE.

Culture and Family

Family with same sex parents standing on porchThe interaction of culture and family is critical to understanding family processes. The task of the family is to translate cultural norms and teach the child to deal with the culture(s) in which the family is immersed, while holding to its own boundaries and values, which may or may not reflect the dominant culture.

Cultural studies began with ideas of the reification of different cultures (this is Japanese culture, this is Hispanic culture). We have moved [Read more…]

Using Cultural Anthropology Concepts to Understand Residency and Healing Systems

Puneet Sahota, MD, PhD

Puneet Sahota, MD, PhD

Physician burnout is increasingly discussed in the popular media and in residency programs. A little over a year into psychiatry residency, I have found that perspectives provided by anthropology have helped me in moments where I felt close to burnout. [Read more…]