Resident Recognition Award for Excellence in Family Oriented Care 2015

We are excited to announce the ten winners of the Resident Recognition Award for Excellence in Family Oriented Care.  We are inspired by their interest in families and by the fact that so many residency training programs care about providing family training. Early career psychiatrists are the future of our field, and we are delighted to have these wonderful people join our organization.
1. Poonam Awatramani MD
Interests: Adult families, NAMI
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
2. Viral Goradia MD
PGY4 Addiction
Interests: Addiction Medicine Service
SUNY Upstate Medical University
3. Yu-Heng Guo MD
PGY4 Interest:  Community psychiatry
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
4. Ruth Huhn MD
PGY4.  Interest: Addiction
Department of Psychiatry, University of Colorado
5. Megan Jessiman MD, Ph.D
PGY4 Interests: child-focused and adult families
NY State Psychiatric Institute and Columbia University Medical Center
6. Colin Lamb MD
PGY5 Child-Adolescent fellow
Maine Medical Center
7. Binal Maharaj
PGY3. Interests: Adult families, NAMI
Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, NY
8. Blake Phillips MD
PGY4 Child-Adolescent fellow
NYU Langone Medical Center
9. Jessica Plauche MD
PGY6 Child-Adolescent fellow
NYU Langone
10. Yajaira Rodriguez MD
PG VI Child-Adolescent fellow
SUNY Upstate Medical University